“In our effort to move up the technology ladder, we continue to invest heavily in our human capital development and training to achieve our vision of becoming one of the leading parking management specialist both domestic and international. In tandem with this, we emphasized in training our staff in various aspects of works such as technical, engineering, human development and spiritual, team building etc.”


The company has develop an Enforcement Performance Administration (EPA) to assist the enforcement on the field during enforcement job routine by using smartphone. Smartphones is provided by the company to be used by the councils’ enforcement officers to issue parking compounds.

The smartphone has the following features :

  • Easy to use and allow for step by step smartphone usage
  • Faster compounds issuance
  • Real time data of summonses
  • Identifies offenders that frequently do not pay parking
  • Enforcement tracking not only improves their disciplines but inform us of threats
  • Big data analysis to improve strategy efficiency
  • Programmed and systematic issuance of reminders and charged sheets
  • Information in the system can allow for control and monitoring procedures
  • Evidence on the offence is recorded via the smartphone camera
  • Real time bot information improves support
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