From managing parking sites by manual issuance of tickets, sales of parking coupons to the use of the more state of the art Pay and Display machines, Suasa Efektif (M) Sdn Bhd has developed the expertise and skill and most importantly, the understanding of the needs of its clients in providing the necessary services and solutions.

Suasa Efektif (M) Sdn Bhd’s vision and mission was acknowledged by the Selangor State Government, and was entrusted to undertake the privatization exercise of managing parking facilities in the state. Presently, Suasa Efektif (M) Sdn Bhd manages more than 48,561 on the street parking bays on behalf of the following cities/municipals: Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA), Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS), Kajang (MPKj), and Sepang (MPSepang)



A pay and display machine is a type of ticket machine used for regulating parking in urban areas or in car parks. It relies on a customer purchasing a ticket from a machine and displaying the ticket on the dashboard, windscreen or passenger window of the vehicle. Details included on a printed ticket are generally the machine identification, amount paid, time entered and expiry time.

The machine will require the following steps:

  • The user will have to go to the nearest ‘Pay & Display’ machine after parking their vehicle at any of the available parking lots
  • Key in their car registration number(s) (excluding the alphabets)
  • Insert coins as required according to the desired duration
  • The machine will produce a ticket which is to be displayed on the dashboard; make sure that the ticket can be clearly seen by enforcement.


Monthly parking pass is an open-date parking pass that gives parking user a peace of mind in parking their vehicle. It is cost saving for those who are cost-minded because it saves their pocket up to 10% of normal use of parking meter. By using the pass, users are allowed to park in any on-street pay and display parking bay within the area of Council’s territory.


Coupon parking is a variation of pay and display without the use of machines; instead, the motorist purchases a booklet of coupons in advance from the authorities or authorized agents. To use a parking coupon, the motorist has to completely or scratch off panels on the date and time in which he/she leaves the vehicle. Parking coupon is an alternative parking charges payment other than pay and display machine parking ticket. To use the coupon, you need to scratch the current date and time for hourly parking before displaying the coupon on the dashboard. The coupon may still be used if the time period of the scratched coupon is still valid.